Strapless Bras

Don’t let a strap ruin your look. Just as you have an outfit for every occasion, you need a bra to match. From strapless sundresses to that off-the-shoulder blouse, our line of strapless bras will take you from staring at your wardrobe to wearing it. We know strapless bras don’t have the best reputation when it comes to comfort and practicality. Trust us when we say we’ve heard your complaints – and even had a few of our own. That’s why we carry only the best bras in the business; to ensure every breast-owner feels supported. Our strapless bra line features supportive and comfortable styles, designed with advanced technical features and luxurious materials. Put it all together and we’ve got strapless bras to suit every shape, size, and wardrobe.

Are strapless bras comfortable?

At Romantique, we know bras hold more than just your breasts. A comfortable, well-fitting bra can truly transform a person’s life, making them a powerful tool in every breast-owners arsenal. And a well-made strapless bra is no exception. With the proper fit and style, a strapless bra can be as comfortable – if not more – as any other bra. Gone are the days of bra straps digging into your shoulders; our strapless bra line is versatile, supportive, stunning, and above all else, comfortable for all-day wear!

When to wear a strapless bra?

Whenever the mood strikes! Multiway and strapless bras are the perfect solution to feeling secure and supported, with no bra strap in site. Wear your strapless bra with your dresses and tops that are off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, or completely bare up top. Pair a strapless bra with that open back blouse you’ve had stored away in your closet or with a spaghetti strap camisole. On the days where you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, take some stress off them by going strapless.